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Marketing Consulting

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

We create marketing. We help you find and engage your customers, online and offline. We make things shine when they have to, but most of all we make it work.

Effective. Creative. Simple.

Marketing advisers for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Our service levels range from start-up consulting to campaign tweaking for established marketing efforts.  Whether you’re just getting started with a business idea or have it organized and already doing what it’s supposed to, we help you hone in on your market, reach your audience, or simply create an incredibly loyal group of customers.  All focused on results. Our consulting format ensures you have all the resources needed to get the impact you need from your marketing efforts. We’ll work with you on a project-basis or an hourly format, all with our unconditional guarantee.

Custom Marketing Services

We work with you to create and implement a marketing program that meets your current or future goals. Custom Marketing Projects can be specific efforts such as a product launch or the development of a loyalty program, but we can also start by helping you define the challenge and reviewing different options. We jump-start the effort and document a plan of action, no matter whether it’s a brand campaign, a business launch, or generating an immediate surge in sales leads. [more about getting custom marketing services]

Virtual Director of Marketing

Business owners, NGOs, and entrepreneurs use us as their Virtual Director of Marketing when they want to know how to get started with their idea or what next step — strategy — they should be taking.  We meet once a week in-person or via net meeting and communicate via email in between (unlimited support) to continue the momentum.  We work on what’s holding you back or, if you aren’t sure, we use our proven process to take you through the steps and build a marketing plan.  And we’ll continue with you through implementation. [more about getting your own virtual Marketing Director]

Online Assessment

We recommend ways to increase leads from your website and improve online efforts.  We look at your online presence, engagement, visitor behavior, keyword performance, your site’s ease of use, how effectively it conveys your value and what you’re asking people to do.  It’s a simple process: We meet with you to clarify goals and establish a starting point. We do the work, write it up and coordinate an action meeting with you to talk about it.  The wrap-up focuses on insight and actionable steps that can be taken immediately.

Our experience helps your marketing.

We’ve been working in development and consulting since 2000. Projects we’ve worked on in the past have included:

  • Rebranding a multi-million dollar online brand focused on english-speaking markets
  • Building a marketing team focused on customer communication, retention, and reactivation
  • Product development and marketing launch for an online construction equipment company
  • Doubling sales and increasing long-term visibility for a real estate company
  • Turning ideas into actual businesses, building NGOs, creating service networks
  • Advising on the creation of websites, blogs, social media platforms
  • Generating ideas, launching campaigns, and measuring the results
  • Creating engaging customer experiences and loyalty programs
  • Read more about our recent projects…

If you’re looking for someone to help you get your important stuff done, contact us.

About GIZN

GIZN is a small consulting firm that produces big results. We’re based in Costa Rica and offer business and marketing services that generate impact.